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Facilitating mGluR4 activity reverses the long-term deleterious consequences of chronic morphine exposure

Jerome AJ Becker, Lucie P Pellissier, Yannick Corde, et al.

Selected by 16 July 2020

Nándor Lipták

Animal Behavior and Cognition

Female-specific upregulation of insulin pathway activity mediates the sex difference in Drosophila body size plasticity

Jason W. Millington, Chien Chao, Ziwei Sun, et al.

Selected by 23 June 2020

Vaibhav Menon

Animal Behavior and Cognition

Functional MRI of large scale activity in behaving mice

Madalena S. Fonseca, Mattia G. Bergomi, Zachary F. Mainen, et al.

Selected by 18 May 2020

Mariana De Niz

Animal Behavior and Cognition

The physiological adaptation for the “fore-mid” four-legged walking behavior of the pygmy mole cricket Xya sichuanensis

Yi Zhang, Shuying Wang, Zhu-Jun Feng, et al.

Selected by 25 April 2020

Matt Muzzatti

Evolutionary Biology

The Taste of Blood in Mosquitoes

Veronica Jové, Zhongyan Gong, Felix J.H. Hol, et al.

Selected by 23 April 2020

Vaibhav Menon

Animal Behavior and Cognition

Kin structure and roost fidelity in greater noctule bats

João D. Santos, Christoph F.J. Meyer, Carlos Ibáñez, et al.

Selected by 22 April 2020

Baheerathan Murugavel

Animal Behavior and Cognition