Our most recent preLights x FocalPlane event

16 December 2021

Following the success of our first virtual event, we recently hosted our second preLights x FocalPlane social writing event.

As before, Helen and Esperanza, the Community Managers for preLights and FocalPlane, selected two preprints for discussion at the event.

One of the preprints, highlighted by Louise, Fabio, Soni and Nozomu, described a new technique in genome editing. You can read their preLights post on the preLights website here, including author responses to their questions.

The other preprint, about the role of Myosin-X in invasive breast cancer progression, was highlighted by Julia, Ranabir and Sagar. You can read their preLights post on the FocalPlane website.

Thanks to all the preLighters who participated, and we look forward to continuing with more collaborative writing events in 2022.