Preprints in Motion recent episodes: February and March 2022

4 April 2022

The Preprints in Motion podcast was launched by preLighters Jonny Coates and Emma Wilson last year.

Thanks to Emma for updating us on their recent episodes:

Episode 19: John Inglis & Richard Sever on the Creation of bioRxiv

A really exciting special episode this week, as we talk to co-founders of bioRxiv and medRxiv, Richard Sever and John Inglis. We discuss how they met and started bioRxiv, along with the challenges they faced. We also chat about the considerations involved in accepting or rejecting preprints to be posted on bioRxiv and the problems with fraudulent papers. Finally, we touch on the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on preprints. If you’ve ever been interested in preprints, or perhaps concerned about preprinting your work, this is a great episode to learn more about how preprint servers work and what the future may hold for bioRxiv.

Episode 20: Mini Brains – Organoids as 3D brain models

This week we discuss organoids and assembloids as models of neurodegenerative diseases with Sònia Sabaté-Soler, a PhD student from the University of Luxembourg. Find out about how 2D stem cells cultures are differentiated into complex 3D midbrain organoids which contain multiple cell types. We also discuss how microglia can be incorporated into the organoids to generate assembloids, mimicking the human brain more robustly. As always we speak about pre-printing and academic culture, and touch on some of the limitations in academia with reference to women in STEM and the potential for permanent post docs. Read the preLights post about the preprint discussed in the show here.

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