Alberto Rosello-Diez

Monash University

I have always been fascinated by the emergent properties of multicellular systems (i.e. why the whole is greater than the sum of its parts) and thus decided to do research in Developmental Biology once I obtained my Biochemistry major in Zaragoza (Spain).

In early 2011 I received my PhD from Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain) for my work in the group of Dr. Miguel Torres, where we showed that cell-autonomous and nonautonomous mechanisms interact during vertebrate limb patterning.

In June 2012, I became a postdoctoral fellow in the Joyner laboratory at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (New York, USA), where I developed mouse genetic models of unilateral insults, to study regulation of limb growth. These models led to the discovery that both local and systemic mechanisms contribute to the response to developmental insults.

In 2017 I was appointed Junior Group Leader at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute in Melbourne, Australia. Starting May 2018, we will study the short- and long-range communication mechanisms that regulate growth within and between organs, with a focus on vertebrate limb development and regeneration.

As outlined above, I’m most likely to post about studies of growth control, not only dealing with the vertebrate limb, but also with other organs/organisms. I will especially focus on studies that explore both organ-autonomous mechanisms and nonautonomous ones.

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Nutrient-regulated dynamics of chondroprogenitors in the postnatal murine growth plate

Takeshi Oichi, Joe Kodama, Kimberly Wilson, et al.

Selected by 23 February 2023

Alberto Rosello-Diez et al.

Developmental Biology

Inter-organ growth coordination is mediated by the Xrp1/Dilp8 axis in Drosophila

Laura Boulan, Ditte Andersen, Julien Colombani, et al.

Selected by 06 January 2019

Alberto Rosello-Diez

Damage-induced reactive oxygen species enable zebrafish tail regeneration by repositioning of Hedgehog expressing cells.

Henry Roehl, Montserrat Garcia Romero, Gareth McCathie, et al.

Selected by 25 September 2018

Alberto Rosello-Diez

Developmental Biology

Limb- and tendon-specific Adamtsl2 deletion identifies a soft tissue mechanism modulating bone length

Dirk Hubmacher, Stetson Thacker, Sheila M Adams, et al.

Selected by 30 May 2018

Alberto Rosello-Diez

Developmental Biology

Neuregulin-1 exerts molecular control over axolotl lung regeneration through ErbB family receptors

Tyler B Jensen, Peter Giunta, Natalie Grace Schulz, et al.

Selected by 23 April 2018

Alberto Rosello-Diez

Molecular Biology

Bioelectric-calcineurin signaling module regulates allometric growth and size of the zebrafish fin

Jacob Daane, Jennifer Lanni, Ina Rothenberg, et al.

Selected by 22 March 2018

Alberto Rosello-Diez

Developmental Biology

Growth control through regulation of insulin-signaling by nutrition-activated steroid hormone

Kurt Buhler, Jason Clements, Mattias Winant, et al.

Selected by 07 February 2018

Alberto Rosello-Diez

Developmental Biology

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