UofA IMB565

University of Arizona, Department of Immunobiology

This is the student group account of IMB565, Principles & Molecular Mechanisms of Microbe-Host Interactions, at the University of Arizona.

2023 Authors include:

Annika Schulz & Shamuil Rasel

Hannah Brooks & Derek Resio

Abigail Page & Farhana Afrin Mohona

The course director is Samuel K. Campos, Associate Professor, Department of Immunobiology. The primary goal of IMB565 is two-fold: to provide students with a graduate level exposure to the principles and concepts of microbe-host interactions and to foster critical reading, and communication skills, necessary for working scientists. Students are expected to research, read, and learn about topics and relevant background information on their own outside of class, as professional working scientists must do on a continual basis.

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