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Universitat de Barcelona

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Insights from a survey of mentorship experiences by graduate and postdoctoral researchers

Sarvenaz Sarabipour, Natalie M Niemi, Steven J Burgess, et al.

Selected by 17 May 2023

Chee Kiang Ewe et al.

Scientific Communication and Education

Stem cell-derived mouse embryos develop within an extra-embryonic yolk sac to form anterior brain regions and a beating heart

Gianluca Amadei, Charlotte E Handford, Joachim De Jonghe, et al.


Mouse-embryo model derived exclusively from embryonic stem cells undergo neurulation and heart development

Kasey Y.C. Lau, Hernan Rubinstein, Carlos W. Gantner, et al.

Selected by 05 September 2022

Monica Tambalo et al.

Cell Biology

A cell fate decision map reveals abundant direct neurogenesis in the human developing neocortex

Laure Coquand, Anne-Sophie Macé, Sarah Farcy, et al.

Selected by 04 April 2022

Juan Moriano

Cell Biology

An Atlas of Cortical Arealization Identifies Dynamic Molecular Signatures

Aparna Bhaduri, Carmen Sandoval-Espinosa, Marcos Otero-Garcia, et al.

Selected by 14 July 2021

Juan Moriano

Developmental Biology

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2 years

Juan Moriano

How does a single cell generate a complete organism? The concerted changes in shape and function that take place during development, with commonalities and differences among species, and the specification of a rich variety of cell types truly amazed me when I was an undergraduate student. Currently, as a PhD student, it’s exciting to know that we are witnessing remarkable progress in the field of developmental biology with the help of the organoid technology. The works highlighted in this preLights’ post are milestones in the path to model embryonic development with enough fidelity and reproducibility. I was very happy to collaborate with Monica and Martin while writing this post. It wasn’t an easy task to summarize all relevant aspects of the two preprints, but they made the writing easier and smoother. Also, it was enriching to exchange our opinions while writing drafts, where I found we, very often, held similar views.

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