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A Single-Objective Light-Sheet Microscope with 200 nm-Scale Resolution.

Etai Sapoznik, Bo-Jui Chang, Robert J. Ju, et al.

Selected by 27 May 2020

Tim Fessenden

Cell Biology

Live-cell 3d single-molecule tracking reveals how NuRD modulates enhancer dynamics

S Basu, O Shukron, A Ponjavic, et al.


Live-cell single particle tracking of PRC1 reveals a highly dynamic system with low target site occupancy

Miles K. Huseyin, Robert J. Klose

Selected by 22 May 2020

Gabriel Aughey

A multi-layered and dynamic apical extracellular matrix shapes the vulva lumen in Caenorhabditis elegans

Jennifer D. Cohen, Alessandro P. Sparacio, Alexandra C. Belfi, et al.

Selected by 06 May 2020

Matus Lab

Developmental Biology

In situ structure determination of virus capsids imaged within cell nuclei by correlative light and cryo-electron tomography

Swetha Vijayakrishnan, Marion McElwee, Colin Loney, et al.

Selected by 03 May 2020

Debakshi Mullick


3-Dimensional Organization and Dynamics of the Microsporidian Polar Tube Invasion Machinery

Pattana Jaroenlak, Michael Cammer, Alina Davydov, et al.

Selected by 19 April 2020

Hiral Shah


Molecular resolution imaging by post-labeling expansion single-molecule localization microscopy (Ex-SMLM)

Fabian U. Zwettler, Sebastian Reinhard, Davide Gambarotto, et al.

Selected by 15 April 2020

Romain F. Laine


Light microscopy of proteins in their ultrastructural context

Ons M’Saad, Joerg Bewersdorf

Selected by 08 April 2020

Mariana De Niz


Circumvention of common labeling artifacts using secondary nanobodies

Shama Sograte-Idrissi, Thomas Schlichthaerle, Carlos J. Duque-Afonso, et al.

Selected by 03 April 2020

Mariana De Niz

Cell Biology

Robotic microscopy for everyone: the OpenFlexure Microscope

Joel T. Collins, Joe Knapper, Julian Stirling, et al.

Selected by 27 March 2020

Mariana De Niz


ZeroCostDL4Mic: an open platform to simplify access and use of Deep-Learning in microscopy

Lucas von Chamier, Johanna Jukkala, Christoph Spahn, et al.

Selected by 24 March 2020

Mariana De Niz


vLUME: 3d Virtual Reality for Single-molecule Localization microscopy

Alexander Spark, Alexandre Kitching, Daniel Esteban-Ferrer, et al.

Selected by 07 March 2020

Mariana De Niz

Cell Biology

BIAFLOWS: A collaborative framework to benchmark bioimage analysis workflows

Ulysse Rubens, Romain Mormont, Volker Baecker, et al.

Selected by 29 November 2019

Mariana De Niz

Cell Biology