bioRxiv preprint on the role of preprints in the COVID-19 pandemic

27 May 2020

In a collaboration with Nicholas Fraser, Liam Brierley and Jessica Polka, preLighters Jonny Coates (corresponding author), Gautam Dey and preLights Community Manager Máté Pálfy have posted a preprint on bioRxiv that analyses various attributes of COVID-19 preprints including their publishing and peer review, and also looks at how they were used by the scientific community and the[…]

preLights webinar with Jessica Polka: Commenting on preprints

21 May 2020

We recently started an internal webinar series for the preLights community to discuss topics such as effective scientific writing, new developments in preprints, innovations in publishing and peer review, or science outreach. For our second webinar we were honoured to have Jessica Polka, Executive Director of ASAPbio, join us as a guest speaker. Jessica gave[…]

preLights featured on Nature Index

20 May 2020

We are thrilled that Nature Index has highlighted preLights in a new post that discusses platforms that review and curate preprints. With a special emphasis on the surge in COVID-19 preprints, the article also features the website and quotes from Jonny Coates, the preLighter who built the website, and Mate Palfy, the community manager[…]

Preprints by preLighters – Snehal Kadam

20 May 2020

Snehal Kadam is a research assistant in Karishma Kaushik’s lab and is studying bacterial pathogens and host-pathogen interactions. She has highlighted a number of preprints in this field, and is now first author on the new study: To Serum or Not to Serum: Reduced-serum based methods for contact-based co-culture of human dermal fibroblasts (HDFa) and[…]

Preprints by preLighters – David Wright

7 May 2020

In this new post series, we feature early-career researchers on the preLights team who have recently posted a preprint. They explain the main findings of their work, and why they chose to communicate their research through preprints. First up we have David Wright, who is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Leeds, where he[…]

Project by preLighters selected for the eLife Sprint

28 April 2020

We are delighted that the project was selected for the 2020 eLife Innovation Sprint. The team at the Sprint, which will be lead by Gautam Dey, Jonny Coates and Zhang-He Goh, is looking for the help of software developers and data scientists to give advice on how to efficiently extract and collate data across[…]