Drug use in special populations

Any drugs that are being used in special populations: Patients with liver and kidney failure, in paediatrics, in geriatrics, and in pregnant or lactating patients. Includes the discovery of factors that could potentially affect drug use in these special populations.

List by Zhang-He Goh


Dosing regimen of gentamicin and the effect of antenatal steroids on clearance in preterm infants

Roberto P. Santos, Yin Chang, Carlos R. Oliveira, Beverly Adams-Huet, John Gard, Pablo J. Sanchez

Gentamicin is a well-known antibiotic that exhibits an uncommon profile in paediatrics, which makes the optimisation of its dosing and administration especially difficult. By targeting this problem in their preprint, Santos et al. help to improve clinical knowledge of gentamicin’s unique dosing regimen in paediatric patients.

Functional potential of bacterial strains in the premature infant gut microbiome is associated with gestational age

Sumayah F Rahman, Matthew R Olm, Michael J Morowitz, Jill F Banfield

Rahman et al. characterise the constitution and diversity of infant gut microbiomes in their preprint, providing insight into “diseases associated with dysbiosis of the microbiome” and, indirectly, shedding light on potential differences in the ways that therapeutics may be administered to paediatric patients.

Categories: pharmacology and toxicology


Posted on: 5th June 2019

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