Advances in Drug Delivery

Advances in formulation technology or targeted delivery methods that describe or develop the distribution of small molecules or large macromolecules to specific parts of the body.

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Physicochemical characterization, toxicity and in vivo biodistribution studies of a discoidal, lipid-based drug delivery vehicle: Lipodisq nanoparticles containing doxorubicin

Maria L Torgersen, Peter J Judge, Juan F Bada Juarez, Abhilash D Pandya, Markus Fusser, Charlie W Davies, Matylda K Maciejewska, Daniel J Yin, Gunhild M Maelandsmo, Tore Skotland, Anthony Watts, Kirsten Sandvig

Doxorubicin is an anticancer agent that exhibits poor pharmacokinetics and significant toxicities. As such, administration of doxorubicin to patients has often proved a clinical challenge. Torgersen et al. describe a new formulation approach to resolve this problem–in the form of Lipodisq nanoparticles, a hydrolysed co-polymer of styrene and maleic anhydride (SMA).

Engineering Brain Parasites for Intracellular Delivery of Therapeutic Proteins

Shahar Bracha, Karoliina Hassi, Paul D. Ross, Stuart Cobb, Lilach Sheiner, Oded Rechavi

The delivery of drugs across the blood-brain barrier is a challenge to chemists and pharmacologists. In this preprint, Bracha et al. describe an unconventional approach: the authors use engineered brain parasites to achieve directed intracellular therapy of proteins to the central nervous system.

Engineered probiotics for local tumor delivery of checkpoint blockade nanobodies

Candice Gurbatri, Courtney Coker, Taylor E. Hinchliffe, Ioana Lia, Samuel Castro, Piper M. Treuting, Nicholas Arpaia, Tal Danino

For over a decade, the microbiome has attracted the attention of pharmacologists, who have come to recognise the potential role that the microbiome plays in the metabolism and delivery of therapeutics. In this preprint, Gurbatri et al. exploit this interesting feature in bacteria, turning it into a warhead that can deliver immunotherapies–specifically, PD-L1 antagonists.

Incorporation of doxorubicin in different polymer nanoparticles and their anti-cancer activity

S. Pieper, H. Onafuye, D. Mulac, Jindrich Cinatl jr., Mark N. Wass, M. Michaelis, K. Langer

Based on the preliminary results offered by this preprint by Pieper et al., formulators can subject formulations to a more rigorous and systematic process of optimisation over a larger range of conditions, pharmacokineticists can profile the behaviour of these nanoparticle formulations in vitro and in vivo, and, once the effectiveness and safety of these drug delivery systems are demonstrated in animal models, clinician-scientists can run in-human trials on patients who stand to gain from these drug delivery systems.

Organ-restricted vascular delivery of nanoparticles for lung cancer therapy

Deniz A. Bölükbas, Stefan Datz, Charlotte Meyer-Schwickerath, Carmela Morrone, Ali Doryab, Dorothee Gößl, Malamati Vreka, Lin Yang, Christian Argyo, Sabine H. van Rijt, Michael Lindner, Oliver Eickelberg, Tobias Stoeger, Otmar Schmid, Sandra Lindstedt, Georgios T. Stathopoulos, Thomas Bein, Darcy E. Wagner, Silke Meiners

Bolukbas et al. apply nanotherapy to pulmonary therapy–by utilising mesoporous silica nanoparticles to improve targeted delivery through the enhanced permeability and retention (EPR) effect. The authors illustrate this distribution using a murine lung tumour model.

Categories: pharmacology and toxicology , synthetic biology


Posted on: 20 May 2019 , updated on: 21 June 2020

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