Conference related preLists

66th Biophysical Society Annual Meeting, 2022

Preprints presented at the 66th BPS Annual Meeting, Feb 19 - 23, 2022 (The below list is not exhaustive and the preprints are listed in no particular order.)


List by Soni Mohapatra

20th “Genetics Workshops in Hungary”, Szeged (25th, September)

In this annual conference, Hungarian geneticists, biochemists and biotechnologists presented their works. Link:


List by Nándor Lipták

2nd Conference of the Visegrád Group Society for Developmental Biology

Preprints from the 2nd Conference of the Visegrád Group Society for Developmental Biology (2-5 September, 2021, Szeged, Hungary)


List by Nándor Lipták

EMBL Chromatin and Epigenetics conference

A list of preprints presented at #EMBL Chromatin (17-20 May 2021)


List by Mate Palfy

EMBL Synthetic Morphogenesis: From Gene Circuits to Tissue Architecture (2021)

A list of preprints mentioned at the #EESmorphoG virtual meeting in 2021.


List by Alex Eve

ASCB | EMBO Cell Bio *virtual* 2020

Preprints + open discussions related to work presented at Cell Bio 2020 in December


List by Dey Lab et al.

SEDB 2020 (Spanish Society of Developmental Biology)

List of preprints seen at the 17th Spanish Society for Developmental Biology Meeting


List by Irepan Salvador-Martinez et al.

EMBL Conference: From functional genomics to systems biology

Preprints presented at the virtual EMBL conference "from functional genomics and systems biology", 16-19 November 2020


List by Jesus Victorino

Single Cell Biology 2020

A list of preprints mentioned at the Wellcome Genome Campus Single Cell Biology 2020 meeting.


List by Alex Eve

Molecular Parasitology Meeting 2020 Woods Hole

Parasitology @Molecular Parasitology Meeting 2020


List by Mariana De Niz, Dey Lab