20th “Genetics Workshops in Hungary”, Szeged (25th, September)

In this annual conference, Hungarian geneticists, biochemists and biotechnologists presented their works. Link:

List by Nándor Lipták


The pathogenic p.(R391G) ABCC6 displays incomplete penetrance implying the necessity of an interacting partner for the development of pseudoxanthoma elasticum

Flora Szeri, Agnes Miko, Nastassia Navasiolava, Ambrus Kaposi, Shana Verschuere, Qiaoli Li, Sharon F. Terry, Federica Borald, Jouni Uitto, Koen van de Wetering, Ludovic Martin, Daniela Quaglino, Olivier M. Vanakke, Kalman Tory, Tamas Aranyi

Bloom syndrome helicase contributes to germ line development and longevity in zebrafish

Tamás Annus, Dalma Müller, Bálint Jezsó, György Ullaga, Gábor M. Harami, László Orbán, Mihály Kovács, Máté Varga

Categories: biochemistry , genetics , genomics


Posted on: 11th October 2021 , updated on: 14th October 2021

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