Martin Balcerowicz

Sainsbury Laboratory, Cambridge University (SLCU)

I am a plant molecular biologist with a major interest in plant development and its regulation by the environment. I gained first insight into this topic during my Diploma thesis work in the group of Joanna Putterill at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, studying flowering time regulation in Medicago truncatula, and later as a Ph.D. student and research associate in the group of Ute Hoecker at the University of Cologne, Germany, investigating light signalling in Arabidopsis thaliana. In 2016 joined the group of Philip Wigge at the Sainsbury Laboratory, Cambridge University (SLCU), UK, as an EMBO Long-term fellow to study temperature perception in plants. I remained at SLCU afterwards and am currently a research associate in the group of Alexander Jones, developing phytohormone biosensors.

As I scientist I am fascinated by the plasticity of plant development and how this is regulated by both intrinsic and environmental factors. My research focuses on how external signals such as light and temperature control plant shape, size and developmental progression – how are these signals perceived, which molecules are involved in the signalling process and how is a response to these signals generated? I employ genetic, genomic, protein-biochemical and molecular biology techniques to tackle these questions.

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