Irepan Salvador-Martinez

University College London

I studied biology in Mexico and then got into Dev. Biol. and Genetics during my masters in Barcelona. I moved from the wetlab to the computational side during my PhD in Helsinki, in Salazar-Ciudad’s theoretical evo-devo group. I am currently a postdoc in the University College London working on CRISPR-Cas9 cell lineaging. My main interests are developmental biology, evo-devo, computational biology and bioinformatics.

Irepan Salvador-Martinez has added 11 preLight posts

Genome-wide molecular recording using Live-seq

Wanze Chen, Orane Guillaume-Gentil, Riccardo Dainese, et al.

Selected by 26 April 2021

Irepan Salvador-Martinez et al.

Molecular Biology

The hourglass model of evolutionary conservation during embryogenesis extends to developmental enhancers with signatures of positive selection

Jialin Liu, Rebecca R. Viales, Pierre Khoueiry, et al.

Selected by 11 December 2020

Irepan Salvador-Martinez


Discovering the drivers of clonal hematopoiesis

Oriol Pich, Iker Reyes-Salazar, Abel Gonzalez-Perez, et al.

Selected by 23 November 2020

Irepan Salvador-Martinez


Lineage recording reveals dynamics of cerebral organoid regionalization

Zhisong He, Tobias Gerber, Ashley Maynard, et al.

Selected by 10 July 2020

David Wilson, Irepan Salvador-Martinez

Developmental Biology

ACME dissociation: a versatile cell fixation-dissociation method for single-cell transcriptomics

Helena García-Castro, Nathan J Kenny, Patricia Álvarez-Campos, et al.

Selected by 06 July 2020

Irepan Salvador-Martinez

Developmental Biology

Imaging cell lineage with a synthetic digital recording system

Ke-Huan K. Chow, Mark W. Budde, Alejandro A. Granados, et al.

Selected by 16 April 2020

Irepan Salvador-Martinez

Developmental Biology

Growth factor-mediated coupling between lineage size and cell fate choice underlies robustness of mammalian development

Néstor Saiz, Laura Mora-Bitria, Shahadat Rahman, et al.

Selected by 19 January 2020

Pierre Osteil, Irepan Salvador-Martinez

Developmental Biology

Species-specific developmental timing is associated with global differences in protein stability in mouse and human

Teresa Rayon, Despina Stamataki, Ruben Perez-Carrasco, et al.

Selected by 16 January 2020

Irepan Salvador-Martinez

Developmental Biology

Species-specific oscillation periods of human and mouse segmentation clocks are due to cell autonomous differences in biochemical reaction parameters

Mitsuhiro Matsuda, Hanako Hayashi, Jordi Garcia-Ojalvo, et al.

Selected by 18 June 2019

Irepan Salvador-Martinez

Developmental Biology

Endogenous CRISPR arrays for scalable whole organism lineage tracing

James Cotterell, James Sharpe

Selected by 27 February 2019

Irepan Salvador-Martinez


Charting a tissue from single-cell transcriptomes

Mor Nitzan, Nikos Karaiskos, Nir Friedman, et al.

Selected by 24 January 2019

Irepan Salvador-Martinez

Systems Biology

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