Society for Developmental Biology 79th Annual Meeting

Preprints at SDB 2020

List by Irepan Salvador-Martinez, Martin Estermann


Tissue Tectonics and the Multi-Scale Regulation of Developmental Timing

Lara Busby, Benjamin Steventon

Ultra-fast cellular contractions in the epithelium of T. adhaerens and the “active cohesion” hypothesis

Shahaf Armon, Matthew Storm Bull, Andres Aranda-Diaz, Manu Prakash

Epithelial Tissues as Active Solids: From Nonlinear Contraction Pulses to Rupture Resistance

Shahaf Armon, Matthew S. Bull, Avraham Moriel, Hillel Aharoni, Manu Prakash

Motility induced fracture reveals a ductile to brittle crossover in the epithelial tissues of a simple animal

Vivek N. Prakash, Matthew S. Bull, Manu Prakash

Cell morphological motif detector for high-resolution 3D microscopy images

Meghan K. Driscoll, Erik S. Welf, Kevin M. Dean, Reto Fiolka, Gaudenz Danuser

Regionalized tissue fluidization by an actomyosin cable is required for epithelial gap closure during insect gastrulation

A. Jain, V. Ulman, A. Mukherjee, M. Prakash, L. Pimpale, S. Muenster, R. Haase, K.A. Panfilio, F. Jug, S.W. Grill, P. Tomancak, A. Pavlopoulos

Lineage recording reveals dynamics of cerebral organoid regionalization

Zhisong He, Tobias Gerber, Ashley Maynard, Akanksha Jain, Rebecca Petri, Malgorzata Santel, Kevin Ly, Leila Sidow, Fátima Sanchís-Calleja, Stephan Riesenberg, J. Gray Camp, Barbara Treutlein

An adhesion code ensures robust pattern formation during tissue morphogenesis

Tony Y.-C. Tsai, Mateusz Sikora, Peng Xia, Tugba Colak-Champollion, Holger Knaut, Carl-Philipp Heisenberg, Sean G. Megason

Redesign your in-person course for online: creating connections and promoting engagement for better learning

Nicole A. Theodosiou, Jeffrey D. Corbin

A flagellate-to-amoeboid switch in the closest living relatives of animals

Thibaut Brunet, Marvin Albert, William Roman, Danielle C. Spitzer, Nicole King

Optogenetic rescue of a developmental patterning mutant

Heath E. Johnson, Stanislav Y. Shvartsman, Jared E. Toettcher

CRISPR-Cas13d induces efficient mRNA knock-down in animal embryos

Gopal Kushawah, Joaquin Abugattas-Nuñez del Prado, Juan R. Martinez-Morales, Michelle DeVore, Javier R. Guelfo, Emry O. Brannan, Wei Wang, Timothy J. Corbin, Andrea M. Moran, Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado, Edward Málaga-Trillo, Carter M. Takacs, Ariel A. Bazzini, Miguel A. Moreno-Mateos

Insect wings and body wall evolved from ancient leg segments

Heather S. Bruce, Nipam H. Patel

A chromosome level genome of Astyanax mexicanus surface fish for comparing population-specific genetic differences contributing to trait evolution

Wesley C. Warren, Tyler E. Boggs, Richard Borowsky, Brian M. Carlson, Estephany Ferrufino, Joshua B. Gross, LaDeana Hillier, Zhilian Hu, Alex C. Keene, Alexander Kenzior, Johanna E. Kowalko, Chad Tomlinson, Milinn Kremitzki, Madeleine E. Lemieux, Tina Graves-Lindsay, Suzanne E. McGaugh, Jeff T. Miller, Mathilda Mommersteeg, Rachel L. Moran, Robert Peuß, Edward Rice, Misty R. Riddle, Itzel Sifuentes-Romero, Bethany A. Stanhope, Clifford J. Tabin, Sunishka Thakur, Yamamoto Yoshiyuki, Nicolas Rohner

Identification of rare transient somatic cell states induced by injury and required for whole-body regeneration

Blair W. Benham-Pyle, Carolyn E. Brewster, Aubrey M. Kent, Frederick G. Mann Jr., Shiyuan Chen, Allison R. Scott, Andrew C. Box, Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado

Oral Regeneration Is the Default Pathway Triggered by Injury in Hydra

Jack Cazet, Celina Juliano

A Single-Objective Light-Sheet Microscope with 200 nm-Scale Resolution.

Etai Sapoznik, Bo-Jui Chang, Robert J. Ju, Erik S. Welf, David Broadbent, Alexandre F. Carisey, Samantha J. Stehbens, Kyung-min Lee, Arnaldo Marín, Ariella B. Hanker, Jens C. Schmidt, Carlos L. Arteaga, Bin Yang, Rory Kruithoff, Doug P. Shepherd, Alfred Millett-Sikking, Andrew G. York, Kevin M. Dean, Reto Paul Fiolka

Lineage-specific control of convergent cell identity by a Forkhead repressor

Karolina Mizeracka, Julia M. Rogers, Shai Shaham, Martha L. Bulyk, Maxwell G. Heiman

Lmo7a Coordinates Neural Crest Migration and Lineage Specification by Regulating Cell Adhesion Dynamics

David Tatarakis, Adam Tuttle, Thomas F. Schilling

Derivation of endometrial gland organoids from term post-partum placenta

Mirna Marinić, Vincent J. Lynch

DAZL mediates a broad translational program regulating expansion and differentiation of spermatogonial progenitors

Maria M. Mikedis, Yuting Fan, Peter K. Nicholls, Tsutomu Endo, Emily K. Jackson, Sarah A. Cobb, Dirk G. de Rooij, David C. Page

Dinoflagellate symbionts escape vomocytosis by host cell immune suppression

Marie R. Jacobovitz, Sebastian Rupp, Philipp A. Voss, Sebastian G. Gornik, Annika Guse

The Transcriptional Program of Regeneration in the Giant Single Cell, Stentor coeruleus

Pranidhi Sood, Rebecca McGillivary, Wallace F. Marshall

Interspecies transcriptome analyses identify genes that control the development and evolution of limb skeletal proportion

Aditya Saxena, Virag Sharma, Stanley J. Neufeld, Mai P. Tran, Haydee L. Gutierrez, Joel M. Erberich, Amanda Birmingham, John Cobb, Michael Hiller, Kimberly L. Cooper

Smoothened Transduces Hedgehog Signals via Activity-Dependent Sequestration of PKA Catalytic Subunits

Corvin D. Arveseth, John T. Happ, Danielle S. Hedeen, Ju-Fen Zhu, Jacob L. Capener, Dana Klatt Shaw, Ishan Deshpande, Jiahao Liang, Jiewei Xu, Sara L. Stubben, Isaac B. Nelson, Madison F. Walker, Nevan J. Krogan, David J. Grunwald, Ruth Hüttenhain, Aashish Manglik, Benjamin R. Myers

P-bodies are sites of rapid RNA decay during the neural crest epithelial-mesenchymal transition

Erica J Hutchins, Michael L Piacentino, Marianne E. Bronner

Categories: developmental biology


Posted on: 9th July 2020 , updated on: 2nd August 2020

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