Young Embryologist Network Conference 2019

Preprints presented at the Young Embryologist Network 2019 conference, 13 May, The Francis Crick Institute, London

List by Alex Eve


NesSys: a novel method for accurate nuclear segmentation in 3D

Guillaume Blin, Daina Sadurska, Rosa Portero Migueles, Naiming Chen, Julia A. Watson, Sally Lowell

Myc is dispensable for cardiac development in the mouse but rescues Mycn-deficient hearts through functional replacement and cell competition

Noelia Muñoz-Martín, Rocío Sierra, Thomas Schimmang, Cristina Villa del Campo, Miguel Torres

Recurrence-Based Information Processing in Gene Regulatory Networks

Marçal Gabalda-Sagarra, Lucas Carey, Jordi Garcia-Ojalvo

Single cell transcriptomics reveals spatial and temporal dynamics of gene expression in the developing mouse spinal cord

Julien Delile, Teresa Rayon, Manuela Melchionda, Amelia Edwards, James Briscoe, Andreas Sagner

Transitions in cell potency during early mouse development are driven by Notch

Sergio Menchero, Antonio Lopez-Izquierdo, Isabel Rollan, Julio Sainz de Aja, Maria Jose Andreu, Minjung Kang, Javier Adan, Rui Benedito, Teresa Rayon, Anna-Katerina Hadjantonakis, Miguel Manzanares

Lumen expansion facilitates epiblast-primitive endoderm fate specification in the mouse blastocyst formation

Allyson Quinn Ryan, Chii Jou Chan, François Graner, Takashi Hiiragi

Hydraulic control of embryo size, tissue shape and cell fate

Chii Jou Chan, Maria Costanzo, Teresa Ruiz-Herrero, Gregor Mönke, Ryan J. Petrie, L. Mahadevan, Takashi Hiiragi

Reconstruction of the global neural crest gene regulatory network in vivo

Ruth M Williams, Ivan Candido-Ferreira, Emmanouela Repapi, Daria Gavriouchkina, Upeka Senanayake, Jelena Telenius, Stephen Taylor, Jim Hughes, Tatjana Sauka-Spengler

PRDM1 controls the sequential activation of neural, neural crest and sensory progenitor determinants by regulating histone modification

Ravindra S. Prajapati, Mark Hintze, Andrea Streit

Categories: developmental biology , neuroscience


Posted on: 22nd May 2019 , updated on: 19th July 2019

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