BSCB/BSDB Annual Meeting 2019

Preprints presented at the BSCB/BSDB Annual Meeting 2019

List by Gautam Dey


Single-cell transcriptome analysis of human, marmoset and mouse embryos reveals common and divergent features of preimplantation development

Thorsten Boroviak, Giuliano G Stirparo, Sabine Dietmann, Irene Hernando-Herraez, Hisham Mohammed, Wolf Reik, Austin Smith, Erika Sasaki, Jennifer Nichols, Paul Bertone

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An ancestral role of pericentrin in centriole formation through SAS-6 recruitment

Daisuke Ito, Sihem Zitouni, Swadhin Chandra Jana, Paulo Duarte, Jaroslaw Surkont, Zita Carvalho-Santos, José B. Pereira-Leal, Miguel Godinho Ferreira, Mónica Bettencourt-Dias

The fission yeast spindle pole body (SPB) is able to recruit animal centriole components despite the loss of centrioles in fungal lineages a billion years ago.

YAP is involved in replenishment of granule cell progenitors following injury to the neonatal cerebellum

Zhaohui Yang, Alexandra L Joyner

In vivo identification of GTPase interactors by mitochondrial relocalization and proximity biotinylation

Alison Gillingham, Jessie Bertram, Farida Begum, Sean Munro

Proximity biotinylation of small GTPases forcibly recruited to mitochondria (MitoID) reveals novel Rab effectors. Read a preLight about it here

Gene expression atlas of a developing tissue by single cell expression correlation analysis

Josephine Bageritz, Philipp Willnow, Erica Valentini, Svenja Leible, Michael Boutros, Aurelio A. Teleman

Mitotic replisome disassembly in vertebrates

Sara Priego Moreno, Rebecca M. Jones, Divyasree Poovathumkadavil, Agnieszka Gambus

The authors show using Xenopus egg extracts that during mitosis, replisomes are removed, and identify molecular factors involved in this mitotic disassembly pathway

Cerebellar nuclei neurons dictate growth of the cortex through developmental scaling of presynaptic Purkinje cells

Ryan T Willett, Alexandre Wojcinski, Nermin Sumru Bayin, Zhimin Lao, Daniel Stephen, Katherine L Dauber-Decker, Zhuhao Wu, Marc Tessier-Lavigne, Hiromitsu Saito, Noboru Suzuki, Alexandra L Joyner

How do organs coordinate development to end up with the right proportion of cell types? This study suggests that eCNs, the earliest born cells in the cerebellum dictate the survival of their specific Purkinje cell partners, which in turn secrete Shh to scale granule cells and interneurons.

Src-transformed cells hijack mitosis to extrude from the epithelium

Katarzyna A. Anton, Mihoko Kajita, Rika Narumi, Yasuyuki Fujita, Masazumi Tada

now published as

Stem cell niche signals Wnt, Hedgehog, and Notch distinctively regulate Drosophila follicle precursor cell differentiation

Wei Dai, Amy Peterson, Thomas Kenney, Denise J. Montell

Src42A required for collective border cell migration in vivo

Yasmin Sallak, Alba Yurani Torres, Hongyan Yin, Denise Montell

mRNA localization in endothelial cells regulates blood vessel sprouting

Guilherme Costa, Nawseen Tarannum, Shane P. Herbert

Positive-feedback defines the timing and robustness of angiogenesis

Donna J. Page, Raphael Thuret, Lakshmi Venkatraman, Tokiharu Takahashi, Katie Bentley, Shane P. Herbert

Cerebral organoids at the air-liquid interface generate diverse nerve tracts with functional output

Stefano L. Giandomenico, Susanna B. Mierau, George M. Gibbons, Lea M.D. Wenger, Laura Masullo, Timothy Sit, Magdalena Sutcliffe, Jerome Boulanger, Marco Tripodi, Emmanuel Derivery, Ole Paulsen, András Lakatos, Madeline A. Lancaster

Published now as

A 3D molecular atlas of the chick embryonic heart

Claire Anderson, Bill Hill, Hui-Chun Lu, Adam Moverley, Youwen Yang, Nidia M.M. Oliveira, Richard A. Baldock, Claudio D. Stern

Actomyosin controls planarity and folding of epithelia in response to compression

Tom P. J. Wyatt, Jonathan Fouchard, Ana Lisica, Nargess Khalilgharibi, Buzz Baum, Pierre Recho, Alexandre J. Kabla, Guillaume T. Charras

Categories: cell biology , developmental biology


Posted on: 20th May 2019 , updated on: 21st May 2019

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