Biophysical Society Annual Meeting 2019

Few of the preprints that were discussed in the recent BPS annual meeting at Baltimore, USA

List by Joseph Jose Thottacherry


Myosin-II mediated traction forces evoke localized Piezo1 Ca2+ flickers

Kyle L. Ellefsen, Alice Chang, Jamison L. Nourse, Jesse R. Holt, Janahan Arulmoli, Armen Mekhdjian, Hamid Abuwarda, Francesco Tombola, Lisa A. Flanagan, Alexander R. Dunn, Ian Parker, Medha M. Pathak

Piezo 1 channels are mobile at the plasma membrane and releases calcium in response to local traction forces.

Tumor suppressor DAPK1 catalyzes Adhesion Assembly on Rigid but Anoikis on Soft Matrices

Ruifang Qin, Haguy Wolfenson, Mayur Saxena, Michael P. Sheetz

DAPK1 is important for adhesion assembly on rigid surfaces and apoptosis on soft surfaces (anoikis) through its binding to rigidity-sensing modules.

Ligand Geometry Controls Adhesion formation via Integrin Clustering

Rishita Changede, Haogang Cai, Shalom Wind, Michael P. Sheetz

This study uses nanopatterning to mimic ECM fibers to study cell adhesion and shows that unliganded integrins can co-cluster to bridge between thin matrix fibers and thus form stable integrin adhesions on dense fibrous networks.

Synaptic vesicles undock and then transiently dock after an action potential

Grant F Kusick, Morven Chin, Kristina Lippmann, Kadidia P Adula, M Wayne Davis, Erik M Jorgensen, Shigeki Watanabe

This study utilizes high pressure freezing and electron microscopy following an action potential in neurons to capture rapid synaptic vesicle fusions and unexpected docking dynamics.

Cell cycle repression and DNA repair defects follow constricted migration

Charlotte R. Pfeifer, Yuntao Xia, Kuangzheng Zhu, Dazhen Liu, Jerome Irianto, Shane Harding, Roger A. Greenberg, Dennis E. Discher

Cell migration into tissue or narrow capillaries often elongates the nucleus and sometimes damages it and this study shows that it impacts cell cycle as well as causes DNA damage.

Rescue of DNA damage in cells after constricted migration reveals bimodal mechano-regulation of cell cycle

Yuntao Xia, Charlotte R. Pfeifer, Kuangzheng Zhu, Jerome Irianto, Dazhen Liu, Kalia Pannell, Emily J. Chen, Lawrence J. Dooling, Roger A. Greenberg, Dennis E. Discher

Constricted cell migration through tissues is studied using custom-etched pores and shows increased genomic variation during subsequent proliferation.

Categories: biophysics , cancer biology , cell biology

Tags: imaging , mechanobiology

Posted on: 18 May 2019 , updated on: 8 November 2019

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