Lung Disease and Regeneration

This preprint list compiles highlights from the field of lung biology.

List by Rob Hynds


Dissecting the cellular specificity of smoking effects and reconstructing lineages in the human airway epithelium

Katherine C. Goldfarbmuren, Nathan D. Jackson, Satria P. Sajuthi, Nathan Dyjack, Katie S. Li, Cydney L. Rios, Elizabeth G. Plender, Michael T. Montgomery, Jamie L. Everman, Eszter K. Vladar, Max A. Seibold

A single cell transcriptomics study comparing human airway epithelium from smokers and non-smoking controls.

STK11 is required for the normal program of ciliated cell differentiation in airways

Qiqi Chu, Changfu Yao, Xiangbing Qi, Barry Raymond Stripp, Nan Tang

STK11 is a tumor supressor gene mutated in some lung cancers. Mutations are associated with resistance to anti-PD-1/PD-L1 immune checkpoint blockade and is a key mediator of tumour lineage in mouse lung cancer models. This preprint implicates STK11 signalling in multiciliogenesis in normal airways.

A cellular census of healthy lung and asthmatic airway wall identifies novel cell states in health and disease

Felipe A Vieira Braga, Gozde Kar, Marijn Berg, Orestes A Carpaij, Krzysztof Polanski, Lukas M Simon, Sharon Brouwer, Tomas Gomes, Laura Hesse, Jian Jiang, Eirini S Fasouli, Mirjana Efremova, Roser Vento-Tormo, Karen Affleck, Subarna Palit, Paulina Strzelecka, Helen V Firth, Krishnaa TA Mahbubani, Ana Cvejic, Kerstin B Meyer, Kourosh Saeb-Parsy, Marjan Luinge, Corry-Anke Brandsma, Wim Timens, Ilias Angelidis, Maximilian Strunz, Gerard H Koppelman, Antoon J van Oosterhout, Herbert B Schiller, Fabian J Theis, Maarten van den Berge, Martijn C Nawijn, Sarah A Teichmann

A single cell transcriptomics study of normal and asthmatic human airways. The preprint reveals spatial differences in airway epithelial cells and a disease associated subpopulation of tissue-resident T cells. Now published at Nature Medicine.

A smooth muscle-like niche facilitates lung epithelial regeneration

Alena Moiseenko, Ana Ivonne Vazquez-Armendariz, Xuran Chu, Stefan Guenther, Kevin Lebrigand, Vahid Kheirollahi, Susanne Herold, Thomas Braun, Bernard Mari, Stijn De Langhe, Chengshui Chen, Xiaokun Li, Werner Seeger, Jin-San Zhang, Saverio Bellusci, Elie El Agha

Mesenchymal heterogeneity in the lung is poorly understood. This preprint delineates distinct smooth muscle populations with roles in airway regeneration.

Single-cell RNA sequencing reveals novel cell differentiation dynamics during human airway epithelium regeneration

Sandra Ruiz Garcia, Marie Deprez, Kevin Lebrigand, Agnès Paquet, Amélie Cavard, Marie-Jeanne Arguel, Virginie Magnone, Ignacio Caballero, Sylvie Leroy, Charles-Hugo Marquette, Brice Marcet, Pascal Barbry, Laure-Emmanuelle Zaragosi

This preprint includes single cell RNAseq analysis of airway epithelial cell differentiation in the air-liquid interface culture system. preLight here.

Human Lung Epithelial Cells Divide >200 Population Doublings without Engaging a Telomere Maintenance Mechanism

Jennifer R. Peters-Hall, Jaewon Min, Enzo Tedone, Sei Sho, Silvia Siteni, Ilgen Mender, Jerry W. Shay

This preprint demonstrates extensive expansion of human airway basal stem cells in culture and assesses the mechanisms engaged during in vitro epithelial cell senescence.

Human lung organoids develop into adult airway-like structures directed by physico-chemical biomaterial properties

Briana R Dye, Richard L Youngblood, Robert S Oakes, Tadas Kasputis, Daniel W Clough, Melinda S Nagy, Jason R Spence, Lonnie D Shea

An interesting study about the interactions between iPSC-derived lung organoids and biomaterials.

Restored alveolar epithelial differentiation and reversed human lung fibrosis upon Notch inhibition

RM Wasnick, M Korfei, K Piskulak, I Henneke, J Wilhelm, P Mahavadi, D von der Beck, M Koch, I Shalashova, O Klymenko, L Fink, H Witt, H Hackstein, E El Agha, S Bellusci, W Klepetko, M Königshoff, O Eickelberg, T Braun, W Seeger, C Ruppert, A Guenther

Investigation of Notch as a target in pulmonary fibrosis, including in human precision-cut lung slices.

Basal stem cell fate specification is mediated by SMAD signaling in the developing human lung

Alyssa J. Miller, Qianhui Yu, Michael Czerwinski, Yu-Hwai Tsai, Renee F. Conway, Angeline Wu, Emily M. Holloway, Taylor Walker, Ian A. Glass, Barbara Treutlein, J. Gray Camp, Jason R. Spence

Insight into the early developmental specification of airway basal stem/progenitor cells.

An atlas of the aging lung mapped by single cell transcriptomics and deep tissue proteomics

Ilias Angelidis, Lukas M. Simon, Isis E. Fernandez, Maximilian Strunz, Christoph H. Mayr, Flavia R. Greiffo, George Tsitsiridis, Elisabeth Graf, Tim-Matthias Strom, Oliver Eickelberg, Matthias Mann, Fabian J. Theis, Herbert B. Schiller

Single cell RNA sequencing study to assess the effects of ageing in a cell-type resolved manner in mice. preLight here and now published at Nature Communications.

Single-Cell Transcriptomic Analysis of Human Lung Reveals Complex Multicellular Changes During Pulmonary Fibrosis

Paul A. Reyfman, James M. Walter, Nikita Joshi, Kishore R. Anekalla, Alexandra C. McQuattie-Pimentel, Stephen Chiu, Ramiro Fernandez, Mahzad Akbarpour, Ching-I Chen, Ziyou Ren, Rohan Verma, Hiam Abdala-Valencia, Kiwon Nam, Monica Chi, SeungHye Han, Francisco J. Gonzalez-Gonzalez, Saul Soberanes, Satoshi Watanabe, Kinola J.N. Williams, Annette S Flozak, Trevor T. Nicholson, Vince K. Morgan, Cara L. Hrusch, Robert D. Guzy, Catherine A. Bonham, Anne I. Sperling, Remzi Bag, Robert B. Hamanaka, Gökhan M. Mutlu, Anjana V. Yeldandi, Stacy A. Marshall, Ali Shilatifard, Luis A.N. Amaral, Harris Perlman, Jacob I. Sznajder, Deborah R. Winter, Monique Hinchcliff, A. Christine Argento, Colin T. Gillespie, Jane D’Amico Dematte, Manu Jain, Benjamin D. Singer, Karen M. Ridge, Cara J. Gottardi, Anna P. Lam, Ankit Bharat, Sangeeta M. Bhorade, G.R. Scott Budinger, Alexander V. Misharin

Single cell transcriptomic analysis of human pulmonary fibrosis. Now published at the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

Categories: bioengineering , cancer biology , cell biology , developmental biology , molecular biology

Tags: airway , lung cancer , regenerative medicine , respiratory , stem cells

Posted on: 27th May 2019 , updated on: 19th June 2019

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