ASCB/EMBO Annual Meeting 2018

This list relates to preprints that were discussed at the recent ASCB conference.

List by Dey Lab, Amanda Haage


Partially redundant actin genes in Chlamydomonas control flagellum-directed traffic and transition zone organization.

Brittany Jack, David M. Mueller, Ann C. Fee, Ashley Tetlow, Prachee Avasthi

Highly divergent, unconvential actin Nap1 plays a key role in multiple steps of Chlamydomonas flagellar biosynthesis.

Evolution and Engineering of Allosteric Regulation in Protein Kinases

David Pincus, Jai P. Pandey, Pau Creixell, Orna Resnekov, Kimberly A. Reynolds

How does new allosteric regulation evolve? Mutational scanning of kinase sectors reveals hotspots that can be used to rewire signaling networks.

Nano-scale size holes in ER sheets provide an alternative to tubules for highly-curved membranes

Lena K. Schroeder, Andrew E. S. Barentine, Sarah Schweighofer, David Baddeley, Joerg Bewersdorf, Shirin Bahmanyar

STED super-resolution imaging reveals sub-diffraction holes in ER sheets, regulated by Climp63 and serving as reservoirs for curvature-sensing proteins.

Expression of TorsinA in a heterologous yeast system reveals interactions with conserved lumenal domains of LINC and nuclear pore complexes

Madeleine Chalfant, Karl W. Barber, Sapan Borah, David Thaller, C. Patrick Lusk

Despite yeast not having a Torsin homolog, heterologously-expressed atypical AAA-ATPase Torsin A reveals conserved interactions with SUN-domain proteins at SPBs and the Pom152 component of the NPC.

Ultra-fast cellular contractions in the epithelium of T. adhaerens and the “active cohesion” hypothesis

Shahaf Armon, Matthew Storm Bull, Andres Aranda-Diaz, Manu Prakash

Trichoplax is only composed of two epithelial layers, yet is capable of ultra-fast contractions mediated by non-muscle acto-myosin networks in an actively-softening tissue.

Stem cell differentiation trajectories in Hydra resolved at single-cell resolution

Stefan Siebert, Jeffrey A. Farrell, Jack F. Cazet, Yashodara L. Abeykoon, Abby S. Primack, Christine E. Schnitzler, Celina E. Juliano

Transcriptome sequencing produces the first comprehensive map of the developmental trajectory for each lineage in the adult Hydra polyp.

Deep convolutional and recurrent neural networks for cell motility discrimination and prediction

Jacob C. Kimmel, Andrew S. Brack, Wallace F. Marshall

Using CNNs to classify and predict muscle stem cell motility behaviors.

An amphipathic helix enables septins to sense micron-scale membrane curvature

Kevin S. Cannon, Benjamin L. Woods, John M. Crutchley, Amy S. Gladfelter

Although septins polymerize on membranes cooperatively, a single amphipathic helix is sufficient to detect curvature.

Reconstitution of the equilibrium state of dynamic actin networks

Angelika Manhart, Aleksandra Icheva, Christophe Guerin, Tobbias Klar, Rajaa Boujemaa-Paterski, Manuel Thery, Laurent Blanchoin, Alex Mogilner

Investigating dynamic actin networks in silico and in vitro reveals a key role for ADF/Cofilin

Activation of SEDS-PBP cell wall synthases by an essential regulator of bacterial division

Patrick J. Lariviere, Christopher R. Mahone, Gustavo Santiago-Collazo, Matthew Howell, Allison K. Daitch, Rilee Zeinert, Peter Chien, Pamela J. B. Brown, Erin D. Goley

The Caulobacter protein FzlA links FtsZ to cell wall peptidoglycan synthesis during cell division, serving both as activator and spatial cue.

Dynamic multifactor hubs interact transiently with sites of active transcription in Drosophila embryos

Mustafa Mir, Michael R. Stadler, Stephan A. Ortiz, Melissa M. Harrison, Xavier Darzacq, Michael B. Eisen

Lattice light sheet imaging of Zelda and Bicoid reveal the formation of unexpectedly short-lived transcription factor hubs at sites of active transcription.

Dynamic and Selective Low-Complexity Domain Interactions Revealed by Live-Cell Single-Molecule Imaging

Shasha Chong, Claire Dugast-Darzacq, Zhe Liu, Peng Dong, Gina M. Dailey, Claudia Cattoglio, Sambashiva Banala, Luke Lavis, Xavier Darzacq, Robert Tjian

Many transcription factors contain low-complexity domains (LCDs). These LCD-LCD interactions might involve liquid-liquid phase separation and play a role in regulating interactions between transcription factors and PolII.

Cryo-ET reveals nucleosome reorganisation in condensed mitotic chromosomes in vivo

Shujun Cai, Chen Chen, Zhi Yang Tan, Yinyi Huang, Jian Shi, Lu Gan

Nucleosomes in mitotic fission yeast chromosomes are organised into larger clusters than in interphase, but the overall clustering density remains the same.

Mammalian kinetochores count attached microtubules in a sensitive and switch-like manner to control cell cycle progression

Jonathan Kuhn, Sophie Dumont

Detaching individual microtubules from the spindle, and independently tuning Hec1-microtubule binding activity, shows that the spindle assembly checkpoint responds not to force but to the number of microtubule-kinetochore contacts.

Reversible solidification of fission yeast cytoplasm after prolonged nutrient starvation

Maria B. Heimlicher, Mirjam Bächler, Chieze Ibeneche-Nnewihe, Ernst-Ludwig Florin, Andreas Hoenger, Damian Brunner

A cytoplasmic mesh immobilizes organelles and other components of the fission yeast cytoplasm after multiple days of nutrient starvation.

A synthetic biology platform for the reconstitution and mechanistic dissection of LINC complex assembly

Sagardip Majumder, Patrick T. Willey, Maxwell S. DeNies, Allen P. Liu, G.W. Gant Luxton

Artificial nuclear membranes can support SUN-KASH interactions, revealing SUN transmembrane topology and providing a synthetic platform for understanding LINC biology.

Contractile actomyosin network on nuclear envelope remnants positions chromosomes for mitosis

Alexander JR Booth, Zuojun Yue, John K Eykelenboom, Tom Stiff, GW Gant Luxton, Helfrid Hochegger, Tomoyuki U Tanaka

LINC-dependent actomyosin contraction prevents chromosomes from scattering after nuclear envelope breakdown.  

Regulation of Cilia Abundance in Multiciliated Cells

Rashmi Nanjundappa, Dong Kong, Kyuhwan Shim, Tim Stearns, Steven Brody, Jadranka Loncarek, Moe Mahjoub

Cell surface area directly regulates the abundance of cilia in ex-vivo multiciliated airway culture.

Superresolution architecture of pluripotency guarding adhesions

Aki Stubb, Camilo Guzmán, Elisa Närvä, Jesse Aaron, Teng-Leong Chew, Markku Saari, Mitro Miihkinen, Guillaume Jacquemet, Johanna Ivaska

Physical restriction of adhesion size in hPSC colonies can force exit from pluripotency; these “cornerstone” focal adhesions have an unusual 3D architecture, revealed by super-resolution imaging.

Intravascular arrest of circulating tumor cells is a two-step process exploiting their adhesion repertoire

Naël Osmani, Gautier Follain, Maria Jesus Garcia-Leon, Olivier Lefebvre, Sébastien Harlepp, Jacky G. Goetz

Using intravital imaging in zebrafish the multistep process of adhesion and subsequent extravasation of circulating tumor cells can be determined in detail.

A novel interplay between GEFs orchestrates Cdc42 activity during cell polarity and cytokinesis

Brian Hercyk, Julie Rich, Maitreyi Das

The crosstalk between GEFs permits the spatial and temporal regulation of Cdc42 activity

Categories: cell biology


Posted on: 29 April 2019 , updated on: 8 November 2019

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Also in the cell biology category:

Control of Inflammatory Response by Tissue Microenvironment

Zhongyang Wu, Scott D. Pope, Nasiha S. Ahmed, et al.

Selected by 13 June 2024

Roberto Amadio


Notch3 is a genetic modifier of NODAL signalling for patterning asymmetry during mouse heart looping

Tobias Holm Bønnelykke, Marie-Amandine Chabry, Emeline Perthame, et al.

Selected by 06 June 2024

Bhaval Parmar

Developmental Biology

LINC complex alterations are a hallmark of sporadic and familial ALS/FTD

Riccardo Sirtori, Michelle Gregoire, Emily Potts, et al.

Selected by 03 June 2024

Megane Rayer et al.

Cell Biology