Carmen Adriaens

Harvard Medical School, The Broad Institute and Massachusetts General Hospital

I am a postdoc in the Bernstein lab at MGH/HMS in Boston where I study chromatin in cancer cells.

I did my Ph.D. on non-coding RNA in cancer in the lab of Chris Marine at the CCB (VIB-KU Leuven) in Belgium, and spent some time in the Steve Jackson Lab in Cambridge, UK, and the Misteli Lab at the NCI in Bethesda, USA during this time.

My scientific interests are non-coding RNA, nuclear bodies, mouse models & genetics, nuclear topology/chromatin conformation, phase separation, and gene expression/transcription. I’m most likely to post about these, but I am fascinated by many things in the biological world so it could be just as well any other random topic I really like or stumbled upon!

Apart from science, I love great food, contemporary dance, and people (I think everybody has a ‘thing’ and I like to discover that!).

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KMT5C displays robust retention and liquid-like behavior in phase separated heterochromatin

Hilmar Strickfaden, Kristal Missiaen, Michael J. Hendzel, et al.

Selected by Carmen Adriaens

Slide-seq: A Scalable Technology for Measuring Genome-Wide Expression at High Spatial Resolution

Samuel G Rodriques, Robert R Stickels, Aleksandrina Goeva, et al.


High-density spatial transcriptomics arrays for in situ tissue profiling

Sanja Vickovic, Goekcen Eraslan, Johanna Klughammer, et al.

Selected by Carmen Adriaens

SorCS1-mediated Sorting of Neurexin in Dendrites Maintains Presynaptic Function

Luis Filipe Ribeiro, Ben Verpoort, Julie Nys, et al.

Selected by Carmen Adriaens

Promoter-intrinsic and local chromatin features determine gene repression in lamina-associated domains

Christ Leemans, Marloes van der Zwalm, Laura Brueckner, et al.

Selected by Carmen Adriaens, Clarice Hong

PUMILIO hyperactivity drives premature aging of Norad-deficient mice

Florian Kopp, Mehmet Yalvac, Beibei Chen, et al.

Selected by Carmen Adriaens

Human pancreatic islet 3D chromatin architecture provides insights into the genetics of type 2 diabetes

Irene Miguel-Escalada, Silvia Bonàs-Guarch, Inês Cebola, et al.

Selected by Carmen Adriaens

Nuclear pore density controls heterochromatin reorganization during senescence

Charlene Boumendil, Priya Hari, Karl Olsen, et al.

Selected by Carmen Adriaens

SWI/SNF remains localized to chromatin in the presence of SCHLAP1

Jesse R Raab, Keriayn N Smith, Camarie C Spear, et al.

Selected by Carmen Adriaens

Live-cell imaging of marked chromosome regions reveals dynamics of mitotic chromosome resolution and compaction

John K Eykelenboom, Marek Gierlinski, Zuojun Yue, et al.


Quantitative imaging of chromatin decompaction in living cells

Elisa Dultz, Roberta Mancini, Guido Polles, et al.

Selected by Carmen Adriaens, Dey Lab

PDX Finder: A Portal for Patient-Derived tumor Xenograft Model Discovery

Nathalie Conte, Jeremy Mason, Csaba Halmagyi, et al.

Selected by Carmen Adriaens

Higher-Order Organization Principles of Pre-translational mRNPs

Mihir Metkar, Hakan Ozadam, Bryan R. Lajoie, et al.

Selected by Carmen Adriaens

A role for RNA and DNA:RNA hybrids in the modulation of DNA repair by homologous recombination

Giuseppina D'Alessandro, Marek Adamowicz, Donna Whelan, et al.

Selected by Carmen Adriaens

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5 years

Carmen Adriaens

Hi Theo! Awesome highlight. I look forward to see higher resolution examples of this technique in the future, and I’m generally excited about non-genetic applications for DNA techniques!

As relating to the third paper you mention, you can take a look at this one, too:


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